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Desislava Petrov, aka ‘Soldier’, and George Georges, a lawyer–two very different members of Bulgaria’s LGBT community.Also present in the room were two ‘accidental’ gay parties–our handsome young waiter and a four-person table of two couples sitting across from us.They want to be seen as a European equal.” (Anti-discrimination legislation, protecting sexual minorities, was approved by the government council in 2002 and passed by the parliament in September 2003.

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Our evening dinner was both an authentic moment and a deception; it was real and a pretense; a comfortable yet cautious passing.

With no recourse or protection (she was not out to her family) she had to quit and move to Sofia where she could get support and counseling from LGBT Gemini.

George, who has traveled all over Europe, added that to be seen as gay is to be seen as weak, less than a ‘full’ man.

With and without intention I encountered a small cross-section of Bulgaria’s gay society in a cozy brick-walled restaurant one evening in central Sofia.

My two dinner hosts were the President of Bulgaria’s LGBT organization, Ms.

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