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Gina says it's no big deal and asks her sister to be her first client.After all, she's gonna need to practice to get good at massaging. Gina reminds her that they're actually step-sisters and that's it's not really that big of a deal. When Gina asks her to take her clothes off, she tries to call off the massage but Gina promises she won't look.Never even fucking until Markus surprises her with his huge cock!

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but when Nicole grabs Carter's hands and puts them on her tits, Carter gets the message loud and clear.She tells her sister that perhaps she should stick to massaging her back.Gina complies and notices how tense her legs are and starts working on them.She takes off her clothes while Gina gets a peek at her sister's tight body. Despite feeling a little weird, Kenzie lies down on the table.When she starts to massage her back, Kenzie settles in a bit remarking that it actually feels really nice but when Gina starts massaging her side boobs, she gets a little apprehensive.

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