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Casey Brennan and illustrated by Cerebus the Aardvark creator Dave Sim titled "Doorway to the Gods".) The quality of the publication was disappointing to Wendy and Richard Pini.The cover paper stock was only slightly thicker and whiter than newsprint (the exterior was printed unglossed with a very limited color palette) and the paper used inside of the comic book was newsprint.The original series — generally referred to as "The Original Quest" or "OQ" — ran for 20 "magazine-size" issues (spanning about seven to eight years in terms of the main storyline), released tri-annually.Color compilations (published by the Donning Company under its Starblaze imprint as Books 1–4) followed.The historical background of the Wolfriders was filled out in Blood of Ten Chiefs, Two-Spear, and Kahvi.

The (initially) color titles New Blood, Hidden Years, and Shards for the most part carried the main storyline forward from the prehistoric to the medieval period of the World of Two Moons, now named Abode, occasionally featuring non-canonical stories.The music CD A Wolfrider's Reflections is an album of folk songs based on elements from the original quest.Several collectibles, calendars, apparel, a role-playing game and figurines have been sold over the years.Towards the end of their runs, in the mid-1990s, most of these titles reverted to black and white in North America, though some were published in color in Europe.In large part as a response to the shrinking direct market in the mid-1990s, continuing storylines were collapsed together into a single 64-page anthology series introduced by the one shot Metamorphosis.

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