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"I need to cum too," Mom said as she maneuvered around."Let me eat you, Mom," I said as I climbed off Dad, somewhat reluctantly."Oh yes, that's it, baby girl," my mom cooed as she ran her hand down my back, then squeezing my ass, which I wiggled for her. " I moaned and nodded without taking my mouth off his dick as he moaned "yesssss" and started to thrust softly in my mouth.

When my phone finally buzzed in my hand, I nearly dropped it.To his credit, he didn't jump or anything, he just said "Ummm, honey, you may want to go in another room, Mom and I are a bit busy." I smiled at him, I'm not sure if he could tell how nervous I was. Her movement revealed my Dad's cock up-close and personal to me and I think I felt my mouth water a bit...pussy was already wet but it was so exciting.I walked up to the bed and slowly undid my robe, letting it fall open, revealing my body to my Dad as Mom sucked him. It's different from my husband's...husband's is long and sooo thick that it looks fat, almost inflated and smooth. His eyes got so wide and he looked at Mom who smiled at him and nodded. " I nodded at him and started to run my hand over his calf and up to his thigh, slowly, my nails dragging just slightly.(also, fair warning, I'm trying to replicate the dialogue as perfectly as I can, but there's probably some variance and I'll probably get a little erotica-y on the details of the sex) So I said, "geez, Mom, your boobs are looking great get a new bra?" She immediately looked down at her own tits, rubbing them softly and said "no, I guess I'm just having a good boob day...thanks for noticing." "They're kind of hard not to notice, honestly, I know Ken can't help but look at them...

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