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I distinctly remember Jill saying this week she was working the morning shift. Was she letting someone else use our place for some kind of assignation? If I was correct, there would be no evidence of anything untoward having happened in our apartment by the time I got home.

That evening when I returned home, there sat my wife claiming that she had come down with something and hadn't gone to work today. The lead voice counseled me to hold my tongue but play out the rope.

On a vacation trip to Arkansas I had the great good fortune to meet, then quickly court and marry a lovely girl by the name of Jill. All that remained was to live happily ever after and leave behind our progeny.

Be advised that college left an indelible impression on yours truly that manifests itself often in my choice of words.

Like most people who are burdened with the need to make a living, there is precious little time left for silent contemplation except for those few minutes one spends on the porcelain throne in the morning or whatever time one's bowels choose to move.

Fuck buddy no charge or credit card needed-87

Fuck buddy no charge or credit card needed-87

I could sit by the hour and listen to all the tunes he would play.

However it left an echo in my head long after it was gone along with the silvery laughing voices that always accompanied the ending of each piece.

Then reality would rush in to fill the void, thus bringing the seizure to a close.

The initial concept however quickly changed from a "hit and run" sex and violence short story to this epic of self-discovery on the part of the protagonist.

This work still incorporates sex and violence in rather plentiful amounts, but now is dominated by coincidence, the nexus, and brief encounters with the supranatural.

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