Taurus men dating style

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Even if the Taurus man doesn't like expressing how he feels at all times, he can get hurt easily.And when they get hurt, they stay hurt for a long time, so always tread with caution.The typical Taurus man has ambition so he wants a woman who knows where she is going.You must at least have some of these qualities, or else the Taurus man will see you as no match for him.However, it is important to point out that the Taurus man finds it a bit hard to respond to the weakness he finds in others.The Taurus man doesn't believe a woman should be helpless and simpering.He wouldn't want a partner that believes she can do whatever her man can do.Be the girl and let him be the man, if you have the dream of becoming a boxer or any such masculine sport, you can keep that hidden for the time being. This may make you feel he is not easily penetrable. Once you have taken these things into account, make your move confidently.

It is also important that you possess certain set of characters that attract the Taurus man to the opposite sex such as confidence, independence, pretty, etc. If you think you can get a Taurus man to fall in love enough to ask you out, you may have to wait for a long time.

If you want to compliment him in any way, make sure you are sincere and don't praise him just to make him feel good. Even when you are flirting with him, make sure your affection is honest and full of warmth. He may be masculine, but not aggressive in any way.

He easily gets attracted to femininity in his partner.

Generally, the Taurus man is always a poor judge of character.

He might have been terribly hurt in the past due to the mistakes he made.

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