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Every continent and culture has its fair share of reputed Aphrodisiacs.

Since Viagra has been the focus of huge media attention and has created massive public interest in the availability of so-called aphrodisiacs and cures for impotence, this interest also had a knock-on effect which led to a resurgence of sales and general interest in herbal remedies, many of which are from Africa.

There many reported traditional uses of the Mkombelo such as a natural appetizer, enhancer of cerebral and peripheral blood circulation, treatment for anorexia, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, stomach ailments and impotence, treatment of hypertension, stroke, anemia, improved sleep, body warmth, asthma, enhanced urination, hang-over, mastitis, allergies, eases after birth pain, heartburns, bilharzias, stress and tension, measles, hepatitis, rickets, typhoid, stops vomiting, meningitis, pneumonia and improved vision, food and mouth diseases, enhanced memory, toothbrush, leaves for animal fodder and human vegetables.

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Among the Maasai community, where the herb is called Olmkonkora, it is thought to give power to leaders.

The mulando wine is also believed to be an aphrodisiac for both men and women.

(Ref) The aroma of Mondia whiteii root will also make it useful as a food-flavoring agent.

All of these have however, been overshadowed by the belief that the herb is a cure of impotence or makes one desire sex and it is mainly this belief that the herb enhances desire for sex together with its flavouring properties and ability to manage STDs seems to be the cause why there is a growing market for it roots in East Africa.

Due to the high demand of the herb for such purposes, it has been classified in Eastern Africa and South Africa as one of the endangered species needing protection (Ref) Recognizing the need for conservation of Mondia whytei and its economic value to the local communities through bioprospecting several projects have been launched.

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