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Later, when all the other teams had checked in at the Pit Stop, Phil came to the Rizhskaya Station and eliminated them while they were still performing the Ride the Lines Detour.The Amazing Race 13 is the thirteenth installment of the American reality television show The Amazing Race.The cast featured a team of fraternity brothers, married hippies, southern belles, businesswomen divorcees, and a retired NFL player hoping to reconnect with his estranged wife.This is the only cast after the first All-Stars edition that was not represented in The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business or the second All-Stars edition.

She currently works for herself as a corporate accounting consultant.

With Dallas's constant flirting and sarcasm and Toni's laughter and personality, they are sure to be one of the most entertaining Teams on the Race.

Toni & Dallas were initially denied their clue at the Detour starting point for taking the Metro instead of a taxi and the lady with a Shetland Pony required them to go back to the end of the Roadblock and return to the Detour starting point via taxi.

Nick and Starr are also the first team of siblings to win the competition, with the exception of the winners of the Family Edition.

A DVD for this season was released on April 8, 2014, through Amazon's Create Space program.

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