Borderline personality disorder and online dating

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Such a person can tap a wellspring of powerful feelings you never knew you had until they surged alive as a result of the alchemy created between you two.

Extreme highs and lows are the hallmark of a relationship with someone who has BPD.

We ended up meeting and we had amazing, amazing chemistry. One moment, she'd be reassuring me how amazing I was and how we have to hang out again and the next she needs space and she's going out of her way to make me jealous. It's so draining getting my hopes up and splitting so hard. In the past, she's been the reason that suicide is never an option.

Now that I've met her in person, it's that much more frustrating that she's playing games because I did like her. Ahh I relate so much with getting healthy and losing friends.

Your partner is a master-manipulator who is chameleon-like and you just didn't stand a chance at real happiness of the lasting variety.

Unbeknownst to you, your partner's underlying traits of BPD caused him or her shame, fear, disappointment, resentment, and anger.

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