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The installation images are available on the Offensive Security ARM Images Downloads area, where you will find custom images not only for the Raspberry Pi, but for a variety of other ARM SBC systems (Beaglebone, Banana Pi, etc.) and even ARM-powered Chromebooks from HP, Samsung and Acer.The really exciting news for me, though, is that there are images not only for the Pi 2/3, but also for the original Pi.

I have been looking forward to doing this since I first heard that there was a Kali Linux installation image for the Raspberry Pi.

The Mosuo (摩梭) believe that hot springs can cure diseases. After a hard day’s work, three or four friends will meet up and eat, sing, and relax in a hot spring.

During the Cultural Revolution, local officials thought this practice was uncivilized and they added walls to separate men and women.

Every year on the thirteenth day of the seventh lunar month, the Hmong celebrate their harvest with the Chixin Festival, meaning “eat the new.” Before the festival, the people all make sure that their cows and horses are well-fed and fat with meat.

Girls wear their prettiest clothes and decorative hats.

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