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Here’s an innovation for those who don’t enjoy waiting in lines at checkout lanes.

This new technology is in Seattle with a quick App download and smart phone.

He and a young man named Frank had snuck onto the waters of the Chesapeake Bay to harvest oysters.

As they hauled their load aboard the boat, shots rang and bullets peppered the vessel.

The store has cameras and tracking technology as you shop.

This will be another tourist place for those who visit the greater Seattle area and Starbucks, Space Needle, Boeing or Pike Place Market.

The equipment, which had led to the massive decline of oysters along the country’s northern shores, was far more effective than the rake-like hand tongs traditionally used in the Chesapeake. The Chesapeake Bay falls within the territory of Maryland and Virginia, and while both state governments were aware of the value of the sought-after sea creatures, the odd geopolitical nature of the shared waters made the oyster industry difficult to control.

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Unlike the historic pirates of the open ocean, these men weren’t searching for gold coins or sunken jewels.

Outside, greeters hand out reusable shopping bags and answer questions at the entry.

You can pick up items and the sensors on the shelves will know it you put them back and won’t be charged.

But Maryland and Virginia disagreed with each other over the necessary policies to put in place to regulate the oyster harvests.

This legislative friction reflected the mounting tensions among the citizenry.

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