Bsd pkgupdating file

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To move files after the database is created, the database must be taken offline.

The previous article covered basic operations with Free BSD’s Pkg tool.

The way Free BSD versions its packages can be a bit confusing if you first see it. If a port is revised (probably to correct a mistake, add more configure options, etc), the revision number is bumped.

Here’s a sample package with a rather complicated version string: in this case. So this port has been revised three times without changing the actual upstream version.

And in fact you benefit from knowing your way around with Pkg in a lot of places: Free BSD obviously and a lot of Free BSD-derived operating systems like OPNsense and Hardened BSD as well as desktop-oriented offspring like Ghost BSD and True OS.

But as mentioned before, Dragon Fly BSD uses it, too.

bsd pkgupdating file-72

bsd pkgupdating file-15

bsd pkgupdating file-73

bsd pkgupdating file-45

In such a case you’d set an epoch to make Pkg understand that in fact the other one is the more up-to-date package.

There are other reasons that packages are to be reinstalled; if you upgraded your OS from one major version to another, the reason might be “ABI has changed”.

It’s also possible that some packages will be deinstalled for an upgrade.

But there are also two packages in this example that are being reinstalled even though no new version is available.

Pkg gives the reason for this in parentheses: , a package in the list of upgradable packages, which is why apache-xml-security-c was rebuilt against the new version of the library.

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