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Write about having an affair as if *I* was the one cheating and developing feelings for another. Facebook ‘people you might know messages’ filled the screen. In an effort to come to some clarity about this, I decided to write it out. I’m about to log off when another message pops through from someone else. I wanted to make new friends, not be harassed by another desperate guy. “Same old, same old.” “Well, I’ll be around later if you feel like chatting,” I find myself saying. “Couldn’t give you a time, though.” “That’s fine, I’ll probably be on some time after 4pm,” I type.

Tina and I have known each other for twenty-odd years. I love my husband and cannot fathom being with anyone else, especially intimately. I stare at him in my half-zombie state but do not respond.

I was worried for a minute that I’d be breastfeeding until they’re 8!

” “I came upstairs and crashed out with the baby.” “Is the baby sleeping now? “Yes.” “Good, so I have your undivided attention.” “You do.” I feel a little tingle run through my tired body.

Last night, my husband came to bed early and crashed as he was clearly exhausted.

I took the opportunity to remove the glasses from his face, his phone from his hand and starting flicking through a few things: email, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger.

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