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From a Tumblr prompt: Abby goes too far and Carol must really lay down the law when it comes to Abby's interference with Therese and in their relationship. I decided to write this because it's actually something I've personally experienced and I think it's something that happens in a lot of IRL ageplay relationships. Please read the tags - I put them there for a reason!

I'm at alabasterclouds.Note: As always, this is a fic about ageplay (I'm pretty sure the fandom must know this by now, lol! She and Therese must figure out how to fit ageplay into their relationship without it being one-sided. This is ageplay, it has elements of ageplay, don't like it, don't read.

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fic based around the kink of ageplay or infantilism. fic based around the kink of ageplay or infantilism. I have had a lot of requests for another Carol fic and to include a reappearance of Eilis Lacey, from the novel/movie "Brooklyn". Warning: This is an ageplay fic and as such, I encourage you to read the tags.

Please read the tags before reading this and consider yourself warned. After the meeting at the Oak Room, Therese agrees to live with Carol on Madison Avenue, thinking that finally, their happiness will be complete and their lives will start together. When Carol finds out that Harge has taken Rindy away for Thanksgiving, she decides, with the help of Abby, Georgina, Eilis, and Therese, to form a "Friendsgiving" instead.

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but that's only until she sees Blake Belladonna, who captures her attention as quick as the flash on her camera. This WILL include some spanking (light spanking, over a cloth diaper). Want to join the ageplay prompt fun or just say hi? Carol is finding that by constantly responding to Therese's needs, she's noticing that hers are being neglected. Find me on Tumblr: alabasterclouds.Note: You all know the drill. Some of you have asked for the ladies just having a nice time together while Therese is little; here you go! Enjoy :)As always, this is an ageplay fanfic and will have elements of ageplay in it. If you'd like to submit any ageplay prompts or just chat, join me on Tumblr! (DUN DUN DUN) I took a short break due to a lot of things going on in my personal life, but I'm back with a lovely angsty fic for everyone who's been asking me if I'm going to write anything for this series again! Carol can't figure out what's wrong, until Therese comes down with scarlet fever and things start to get very scary for both of them. Follow me: alabasterclouds.Note: This is an ageplay fic, and it will have elements of the ageplay kink in it, as well as elements of sick! Exasperated with Therese's whining, Carol calls Abby to see if she knows any other littles that Therese could play with. Find me on Tumblr: alabasterclouds.Note: This is an ageplay fic and as such, will have elements of the ageplay kink in it. Therese is bored one Saturday when Carol won't play with her.

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