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The lobby host will then leave the lobby, and a new host can create the lobby.

Game Battles updates your gamertags in trigger areas, such as when you are managing teams, joining teams, accepting invites, etc.

To update the gamertag, the player must link their gamertag/PSN.

Hovering over the icon will show how long until you are eligible to compete.It follows on from a huge update for the game earlier this morning which was said to fix a number of issues, including "Connectivity improvements and optimizations".A statement from Sledgehammer Games posted to Reddit with the patch notes read:“We’ve heard the community loud and clear over social channels, and we’re working around the clock to ensure a better experience for all players,” a message from the Sledgehammer reads on Reddit.“We’ve been tracking issues as they arise on our end and have pushed an update to address some of your top concerns.”You can read the patch notes below, and see which guns have been buffed and nerfed in the gallery.Banned - This icon means the player on the roster is banned from Game Battles and is not eligible to compete until the ban has expired.Although the Call of Duty: WWII Ladders use dedicated servers, the first person to join the lobby is still considered the lobby host.

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