Latorsha tomlinson dating

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If you had a wife this fine, maybe you could rush for crazy yards every game.

She’s got a body that looks as if Michelangelo sculpted it.

Kellen Winslow may make the big bucks in the league, but you all know what his real treasure is.

' It was almost like he felt, 'If I don't think about it, it won't affect me.' As a psych major analyzing his mood, I'd have to say he was in a state of denial."Part of the reason La Torsha seems a bit perturbed by her husband's lack of overt ire is that she's his biggest defender.

La Torsha had gradually begun to notice him smiling at her every time she visited 'The Main,' as the center of TCU's campus is known.

They finally met late one Saturday night at a Dallas hotel which was hosting a postgame party following the traditional Prairie View A&M-Grambling game.

"We were there two hours, and I swear he talked about his mom for the entire time," La Torsha recalls.

"From that moment, I knew he was a sweetheart."You wouldn't guess it from watching him run so ferociously, but LT is a big Soft-T when it comes to romance.

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