Intimidating strike

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The next time you need a character in a hurry -- or even if you don't -- check out this system.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A dispute takes a mechanics strike to a whole new level at a car dealership in the Western suburbs.

Enforcer Gives you a free Intimidate check against someone when you deal non-lethal damage to them. :) wound down, it seemed like designers realized the fighter had very little into which it was worthwhile he sink his 1-3 skill points per level.

One option was the Intimidate skill, which--unlike many of the fighter's feats--scaled reasonably well.

The APG has 2 feats that allow you to situationally make free Intimidate checks.

Dreadful Carnage gives you a free Intimidate check when you drop an enemy to 0 or fewer hit points against all enemies within 30 ft.

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“We originally wanted to strike professionally — not blocking the service entrance, not engaging with customers unless we were engaged first, only picketing the front of the store,” said John Bisbikis, a service technician.

Chapter 7: Affiliations describes a new kind of group that characters can belong to -- they rise or fall in status within their affiliations according to their deeds and their qualifications, and the most motivated and successful of them all can even advance to a leadership position.

In addition to a number of fully fleshed-out example affiliations, this chapter provides guidelines for players and DMs who want to create affiliations that are unique to their campaign.

Perhaps the most intriguing new concept in this book is presented in Chapter 8: Rebuilding Your Character.

While many DMs and players have created house rules for handling situations involving the reselection of feats, reallocation of skill ranks, altering ability scores, and so forth, the D&D game has never before had official rules on the topic of revising your entire character.

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