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This is also given as explanation for the large size of their brains.

speculate that the faster brain stem transmission time, and perhaps the paralimbic lobe as well, assist quicker processing of sound.

The most promising suggests that cetacean brain size and complexity increased to support organisms in maintaining complex social relations with one another Dolphin group sizes vary quite dramatically.

River dolphins usually congregate in fairly small groups from 6 to 12 in number or, in some species, singly or in pairs.

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Male orcas never leave their mothers' pods, while female offspring may branch off to form their own matriline if they have many offspring of their own.Interestingly, the orcas use these dialects to avoid in-breeding.They mate outside the clan, which is determined by the different vocalizations.For example, the echidna has a highly developed brain, yet is not widely considered to be very intelligent.Unlike terrestrial mammals, dolphin brains contain a paralimbic lobe, which may possibly be used for sensory processing.

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