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Mia also has a brief relationship with Gastón, who works at the school.Gastón knows that Mia loves Miguel, so he does everything he can to turn them against each other.Most famous for being a former member of the Latin-teen pop group, RBD, the brunette beauty also faced a serious battle with anorexia, at one stage weighing approximately 75 pounds and experiencing heart failure.Since recovering, she's become a prominent spokesperson against eating disorders in her native Mexico.'I did not notice that my body was crying for help,' she previously told National Geographic series, Obsesion: Cuerpos Que Gritan.She is extremely upset about Sabrina's lie and starts to hate herself for treating Miguel so horribly. One day when Mia is at the hospital seeing Miguel, he finally wakes up, though he does not remember her.He tells her he thinks he remembers his girlfriend, but says Sabrina by mistake. Eventually Miguel regains his memory and remembers all the moments he shared with Mia, during a concert while Mia sings.In her own life, Dulce María went on to star in 2009’s “Verano de Amor” before breaking out as a soloist. And in 2009, she began the Dulce Amanecer Foundation to help communities of indigenous women and children.Alfonso Herrera: He was Miguel Arango Cervera, who came from Monterrey to study at the school on scholarship. Instead, he was there to avenge the death of his father.

Christopher Uckermann: Diego Bustamante was the son of a politician, and music is only his hobby. Uckermann has not acted much, but has continued to make music. Maite Perroni: She played Guadalupe “Lupita” Fernández, a shy, but sweet girl. Perroni has continued to have success with her acting career.The second season their relationship is more unified then ever, with only a few bumpy roads.The couple takes a romantic trip to Cancun, and get closer than ever while stranded on an island. In season three, Sabrina the daughter of the band’s producer has a crush on Miguel and that makes Mia jealous.Mia does not know that Miguel actually enrolled at Elite Way School because he wants to get revenge on Mia and her father, Franco Colucci, who Miguel believes killed his father.In season one, Mia and Miguel constantly argue even though she actually has strong feelings for him.

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