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These concerns range from youth privacy, safety, time consumption, health issues, psychological well being and academic performance.However the study must be finally specified about theories as to how youth uses social networking sites and must enact communication behavior that should result in their benefit [4].Effect of social networking sites usage on the studies of Nigerian students This study evaluates the effect of social networking sites on the students and justifies that no significant effect of these sites are found to hamper their studies but there is no clear balance of its usage.Students do not realize as to when and where to use these social networking sites and are witnessed using them in areas such as lecture halls while lectures are going on and also during study and reading hours of their work schedules.• To study the influence of social networking sites on the personal and professional life of the youth.• Social Networking sites are more of a demerit as compared to merit if both the parameters are evaluated.Students acquiring 3.0 to 3.5 GPA in examinations are most inclines to these sites for entertainment [3].

• To determine the usage of specific social networking sites by the youth.Also, the findings state that even though the youth reciprocates to these events they still do not take up discussions beyond web and forget about them once they sign off.Thereby, these sites prove to be a boon to the youth in terms of spreading awareness about these issues that arise [2].• To analyze the credibility over the information received from social networking sites.• To understand the pros and cons of social networking sites known by the youth.

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