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The first style centers on classic and melodramatic pure love stories with poor, Nave Everygirl heroines that are often Too Dumb to Live, while the second tries to use resources from other genres and explore modern social issues without neglecting the love story side.Stereotypically, the pink brought over to cater to the large (and growing) Spanish-speaking minority tend to be almost entirely of the "pink" variety.SOAPNet, the one cable network dedicated to the genre and where most of the programs repeat, was removed from many cable systems in early 2012 to be replaced by Disney Junior, and its end was used as an excuse by ABC's daytime chief to kill Although many soap fans feel that the truth is that then-ABC daytime chief Brian Frons, who had a history of cancelling soaps dating back to the series "Santa Barbara", had a vendetta against fans for rejecting his vision of what the ABC soaps should be, namely an emphasis on gratuitous sex and violence over storytelling, as well as firing veteran cast members without warning.of downtime in between operations, but when that downtime is isn't always predictable.Designed to be viewed intermittently, so that a single event may be stretched over three or more days.

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There are two main schools of Soap Opera, the "Anglo" School, common to the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia; and the "Latin" School a.k.a.

But there's no soap radio anymore; with one exception, it has moved on to television.

A soap opera is a drama with a large cast experiencing dramatic events in their day-to-day lives, usually broadcast five days a week.

The feature common to all three flavours is that there is no one main character; rather, characters drift in and out of focus as the storylines go on.

Some characters may be more memorable or have more influence on The 'Verse than others, but nobody can be said to be the protagonist.

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    That said, daytime soaps were reliable moneyspinners for the American networks from the days of radio all the way into The '90s, and served as a career springboard for many actors and actresses who went on to great success in more "legit" film and TV productions.

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