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Canadian Idol ran for six seasons in the 2000s where they, no joke,had themed episodes such as [pictures of...] "Barenaked Ladies Night" and "Gordon Lightfoot Night", which I hope is as funny to you as it is to me. Not, you know, doing anything with him or dating him or holding hands with him or even having a conversation with him. I can access my teenage side, I can access my feminine side, but... [Farm boy holding flowers behind his back] The thrill of anticipation is a very powerful emotion.Canadian Idol was probably a bad idea from the get-go. She just gives him her number so that he can call her. Todd: [as a teenage girl] Oh my God, you guys, I met this cute boy God, I never do this... Oh my God, oh my God, this is so crazy, you guys, this is so bad... In fact, it's probably [two girls in school] the only thing about romance this song's target audience knows anything about.But instead of being yet another reality show washout, her career got a huge boost when [clip of "Boyfriend" by...] fellow Canadian teen popper Justin Bieber [Rolling Stone article: "Justin Bieber Gives Singer Carly Rae Jepsen a Boost"] called her new song, "Call Me Maybe", his favorite song on Twitter. "I wasn't looking for this." Todd: These are phrases used to describe a passionate whirlwind romance, not a scenario where basically nothing has happened yet.And from there, it spread until everyone was a fan. Todd (VO): The video, which has Carly Rae reading a romance novel and failing to attract the attention of a guy, does a way better job of criticizing this song than I can, honestly, because it is a fantasy.The trio of The Biebs, Sel and Ash are joined by a few other dancers. You know that saying about dancing like no one is watching?Well, that's exactly what happens in this video.With Jepsen in the driver's seat, her manager says she has "her seatbelt fastened for this insane ride!

And I guess I should for all of you guys too, and I haven't gotten a flood of requests like this since [brief clip of...] "Whip My Hair". "Whip My Hair", I got a ton of requests for because everyone hated it; but "Call Me Maybe" appears to be... Todd (VO): I seriously got all these requests saying, [images of two requests] "I really love 'Call Me Maybe', but I really want you to review it." Oh, okay. "] And watching the whole world go nuts over such a completely unremarkable slice of stale cheese as this, is kind of pissing me off. Todd (VO): That's something you build jokes off of, and the track popped and buzzed with excitement instead of these soft-ass fake strings. On its own, "Call Me Maybe" is nowhere near the worst thing I've ever heard. I took a dislike to this song pretty immediately, from the very first moment I heard it.

Except, of course, for me and my lonely little table of one because... It's a fantasy about having a fantasy of meeting some guy worth fantasizing about, some life-changingly hot guy who makes your knees weak with just his panty-melting stare.

Todd: ..damned if I'm gonna let Justin Bieber dictate my taste in music. It's not a song for anyone who has any experience dating, it's not about actually doing anything except looking, really.

Todd (VO): I'm still hoping that we see more stuff like Adele and Gotye in the Top 10, but there's also a real chance that pop music will look like the cover of [cover of...] Tiger Beat for the next few years. Before now, I didn't realize how adult pop music has been in the years I've reviewed it. Blah Blah Blah · Sexy Bitch · Imma Be · Telephone · Carry Out · Eenie Meenie · Your Love Is My Drug · Alejandro · OMG · The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 1987 · Hey, Soul Sister · Cooler Than Me · Club Can't Handle Me · Like a G6 · Deuces · Whip My Hair Top 6 Worst Songs of 2010 (I Didn't Already Cover) · Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2010 · The Time (Dirty Bit) · Tonight...

Of course, I'm using "adult" in an extremely relative sense, but say what you want about club music, it does assume that you're old enough to get into the club. Todd (VO): Boy bands are back, Justin Bieber finally has a real hit, and now our new teen princess here. Todd: At what point did the Internet start embracing such embarrassingly girly things as this? Closing tag song: Garbage - "When I Grow Up" THE END"Call Me Maybe" is owned by 604 Records This video is owned by me Todd: [rushing back] Oh, hey, whoa. Yeah, speaking of Canada, I'm gonna be in Canada next month for [all info appears in text] Con Bravo! · Black and Yellow · Grenade · The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 1976 · Firework vs.

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