Sudanese sex

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A petition aiming to 'stop the Australian government deporting Issac Gatkuoth' was backed by 602 people when set up last year.'Issac Gatkuoth came to Australia as a nine-year old child refugee.

He "endured a hellish, parentless upbringing in Sudan",' the petition read.'He hasn't seen his mother since he was five years old, his two brothers were killed when his village was "wiped out".'But despite the pleas of supporters for the young criminal, a leading Sudanese youth worker who has worked with the Apex gang says they deserve no sympathy.

Forearm dimensions showed a higher accuracy for sex estimation than hand dimensions.

With refugees still arriving in their thousands, the amount of aid we are able to deliver is increasingly falling short.For Uganda, US4 million is needed for South Sudanese refugees this year, but so far only a fifth of this amount (21 per cent) has been received.Elsewhere in the region, the picture is only marginally better – in all US3.5 million is needed for the South Sudan situation, but only US0 million has been received.In addition to the million there, a million or even more South Sudanese refugees are being hosted by Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic.In Uganda, more than 85 per cent of the refugees who have arrived there are women and children (below 18 years in age).

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