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It can be hard to be "objective" and not over react.

Emotional distance and lack of affection are hurtful.

You practice unconditional positive regard in your therapy.

It’s a notion that allows your patients to open up and be forthcoming in their feelings, and honest about actions that may have called them to seek counseling.

If your patient feels you are judging them in a negative manner based on what they have shared and revealed, the opposite effect will ensue. A good counselor will prepare for each session by reviewing notes from previous sessions and developing a strategy, based on research and proven counseling practices, for each patient’s goals.

Good counselors also know that continued education and research play a significant role in developing their knowledge, and that’s what makes good counselors great ones. In reality, the client sets the pace in how they accept and apply the counseling they are receiving. Goals may be tied to a timeline, but depending on how slowly (or quickly) a client progresses, you may choose to modify a given therapy and change course. Your job is to help your client overcome and manage their troubles and anxieties, but coddling your client only slows down the process.

The Barbara Massey LMFT Counseling web site is strictly educational. Any of the choices you make are yours without judgment---separating, divorcing or exploring a new relationship.Learning new skills through actual practice is key to making changes in relationships and dealing with the anxiety that comes up.Contact me at 541-326-1696 or by email at [email protected] Fees and First Steps Range of Options to learn how I might help you. Please know that insurance coverage is determined as a courtesy by office verification.When you call, I will talk with you personally to determine what your issues are, how to structure the first session so that you can start moving forward to create a loving marriage, deeper couples relationship and/or less anxiety for you. After you set an appointment and not before you pay for the first appointment is this verification done.

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