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Tinder are bringing pickup lines back in fashion, Pickup lines used to be the most laughed at detestable way of starting conversation with someone.

But on Tinder is the ultimate opening line, conversation starting practicing machine.

There are 20 Million matches per day on Tinder, with so many funny pick up lines and cheesy openers being used on a daily basis.

We have picked out the best, funniest, worst and outright bad pick up lines.

As a future mechanical engineer I can think of about 7 ways to use household items to castrate you by this after noon – Ella Anthony – Hey Dina, do you like hang gliding?

Never tried it before but sure why – Dina Anthony – I would love to see a Dina soar Is that supposed to be funny?

Like why the letter D is in ‘Fridge’ but not in ‘Refrigerator’?

Scott – Helena, you’ve got the sweetest smile on Tinder. Ivan – Where the fuck are you and how did we match 7300 miles away?!– Dina Anthony – I thought it was Dina mite Jackson – I have been meaning to ask, do you have any experience raising chickens? – Allison Jackson – Well that’s great because, I have a large cock I was hoping you could help me with Send and share this page to a friend on FB If you are enjoying these pickup lines, I’d really appreciate it. Social shares buttons are at the left on desktop and bottom on Mobile.So I can give you more of what you like Kris – 😉 Oh you’re dirty – Sydney Kris – Please this isn’t nearly as dirty as I get Oh is that right? Of course I do – Sydney Kris – I’ll shit on you Eewwwww- Sydney Christopher – I once chopped down a tree by only using a rule and dental floss Wow – Christine Christopher – Yeah it’s one of two things I’m good at And the other – Christine Christopher – I’m also great in bed Jom – All I’m missing is a little spoon Too bad I’m a big spoon – Nam Jom – Snuggle me in your strong protective arms and tell me I’m pretty.I learned from some dating gurus, I tried it all, some advice sucked, many times it bombed.However the advice of one guy in particular worked really well, no manipulative sneaky stuff either – hate that.

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