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The father-of-two says he survived a car crash with his family in Romania, but a woman he was travelling with was killed and he saw her spirit leave her body.

One of the adverts on his website, entitled ‘Energy Healing For Cancer Treatment’, said readers had arrived at the place ‘where the best cancer treatment can be found.’It boasted of a ‘therapeutic method developed uniquely by [Sargeant]’ which had been ‘proven’ to be an effective treatment for cancer.

He said he had quickly sought to change the adverts on his website to comply with the legislation and procedures set out under the act after he was informed of the law.

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À ce titre, chacun possède son propre type de problème soit à cause du système d’exploitation qu’il utilise soit au niveau de l’utilisation de son compte.

Les habitués de la messagerie instantanée Messenger ont été informés en avril 2013 que désormais Microsoft le remplacera par le populaire Skype.

La mise à jour de Messenger vers Skype est gratuite et se fait sans qu’ils perdent leurs contacts.

Another advert, entitled ‘Energy Healing & Western Medicine’, talked about finding the ‘root cause to help individuals’.

It claimed that people could go through chemotherapy without suffering from any of the side-effects.

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