Adult chat couple fun running a successful speed dating event

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Then, read them aloud to everyone for some big group laughs.

Use your favorite valentine candy to fill a glass container.

This game is played just like traditional Pictionary but uses Valentine symbols such as: Divide people into teams of two to play this fun game.

Put a romantic twist on the classic scrabble game and use words related to Valentine's Day. Be sure to include romantic words such as: This games requires people to be grouped into teams of two. A bell will ring and a timer will be set for 60 seconds.

Another great Valentine's party game for everyone to play is a version of telephone tree.

Come up with a special Valentine's Day message to give someone across the room, and then tell the person next to you.

While this game does not have winners or losers, it does get everyone chatting.

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Rules for Hide the Heart are simple enough that anyone can play this game.There are even a variety of games that are romantic in nature.There are many unique party games for your guests to enjoy that have a festive Valentine's Day or heart themes.This can include titles of books, movies and songs.Use a heart shaped box to place the slips of paper in and give each couple a chance to act out their choice.

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