Aoi yuu dating

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The story follows a similar plot to Kobayashi's earlier work Parallel.

16-year-old Mugi Tadano tries to shake off his latest heartbreak by working at his friend's aunt's beach-side inn.

He makes a promise with Yuu and Tsukasa's father that he would take care of his daughters.

He briefly returns to check up on Mugi, Yuu and Mako, where the latter tells him that she has fallen in love again, reminding him of a promise he had made to her when they first met that when she ever does, he would give her a reward.

In the bonus comic "The Pastel Meeting", Kobayashi sketched a meeting with his editor where they ended up talking about the appeal of Japanese actresses/models Aoi Miyazaki , Yū Aoi, and Leah Dizon, who became the inspirations for the stories in Pastel.

He falls in love with Yuu at first sight, and has sexual fantasies about her after she begins living with him.

She still likes Mugi, believing that his relationship with Yuu will not last, Mugi’s father is a photographer who is often away from home for long periods of time that Mugi is never sure when he visits.A busty young woman, Mako Minamino, joins the household as Mugi's father's love interest.After numerous missed opportunities, Mugi finally confesses to Yuu that he likes her and they become a couple.Yuu and Tsukasa's mother visits and wants to take her back.Tsukasa senses that Mugi likes Yuu, so she tries to set him up as much as she can. Kazumi tells Mugi that he likes Manami and wants to date her.

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