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The main vernacular languages are Bemba, Lozi, Luanda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, and Tumbuka. The background of the national flag is green, symbolic of the country's natural beauty, with three vertical stripes in the lower right corner.The three stripes are: red, symbolic of the country's struggle for freedom; black, representing the racial makeup of the majority population; and orange, symbolic of the country's copper riches and other mineral wealth.This area traces human settlement back almost three million years.In Zambia, sites in the north and south record back to sixty thousand years ago.The terrain consists of high plateaus, large savannas, and hilly areas; the highest altitude is in the Muchinga Mountains, at 6,000 feet (1,828 meters).The Great Rift Valley cuts through the southwest and Victoria Falls, the most visited site in Zambia, is in the South.The Lusaka Magistrate Court this morning convicted former Community Development Minister Michael Kaingu’s Daughter, Iris on one count of making obscene material likely to corrupt morals.Meanwhile, Lusaka Resident Magistrate Boniface Prince Mwiinga has reserved Ms.

Those living in the rural areas face a life of mainly low-yielding subsistence farming, which contributes to the high migration.

The river runs across the western and southern border and then forms Victoria Falls and flows into Lake Kariba and on to the Indian Ocean. In size, the country is roughly equivalent to the state of Texas, about 290,585 square miles (752,615 square kilometers).

It is a landlocked country with several large freshwater lakes, including Lake Tanganyika, Lake Mweru, Lake Bangweulu, and the largest man-made lake in Africa, Lake Kariba.

While many people speak English, in rural areas tribal languages are spoken, in addition to a few other vernacular languages.

Each of the seventy-five tribes living in the country has its own dialects and language.

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